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Any type of behavior or conduct that poses a danger or threat to society may be considered to be a crime. In Arizona, crimes fall under two categories: misdemeanor, less that one year of imprisonment and felony, more than one year of imprisonment. When a crime is committed in Arizona, the criminal may be penalized by community service, imprisonment, paying a fine, probation, or a combination of the above. Punishments for perpetrators differ, depending on the statutes enacted by various local, state, and federal government legislatures and jurisdictions. Intent is a big factor in criminal cases. To determine the guilt of alleged criminals, it is usually very important to establish that the criminals were not only of the right state of mind, but had the intention to commit the crime.

Two fundamental rights are given to those charged with or suspected of committing a crime in Arizona: the right to an attorney and the right to a fair and speedy trial. These rights make sure that those guilty will be punished for their actions while societal freedoms are preserved. Because the legal system is so convoluted, it is almost impossible for those with no legal education to represent themselves. Therefore, whether guilty of innocent, when involved in a criminal proceeding, retaining an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney is crucial.

One of the main roles of Arizona prosecutors is to determine which criminal charges to file. This is a crucial task, as it will set the tone for the entire case. Defense attorneys decide whether a judge or a jury will decide the outcome of the case. If the outcome will be determined by a jury, both the prosecuting and defense attorneys will select jury members. Defense attorneys are also likely to perform tasks such as:
  • Negotiating deals and making arrangements with prosecuting attorneys to reduce charges for more lenient sentencing.

  • Establishing objective and realistic perspectives on the situation, so defendants are educated before making important decisions (plea bargaining, whether or not to go to trial, appeals, etc.).

  • Using their familiarity with local prosecutors, courts, and judges to reach some form of settlement quickly.

  • Hiring private investigators, locating witnesses, and collecting witness testimonies.

  • Because Arizona criminal law is such a specialized field, it is crucial to do some research to ensure the attorney has the suitable experience and credentials. Find out if the attorney is licensed and in good standing with the state bar association. Have all facts and proper documentation ready during the first meeting with the criminal attorney. Be completely honest when answering questions and make sure you at completely at ease, and never hesitate to ask the attorney any questions you may have.

    By Iris Ching           


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