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Known as the city "Where the West Begins," Fort Worth, Texas embraces its cowboy heritage while moving forward with its revitalized downtown and major cultural attractions. Today, Fort Worth offers many things to see and do. From museums such as their Modern Art Museum, which is the second largest of its kind in the country, to the National Cowgirl Museum, Fort Worth has a lot to offer that is unique to its culture. With a friendly population of half a million people, Fort Worth is consistently ranked among the top places in the nation to work, live, and do business by national magazines like Money, Fortune, and Newsweek. The city is home to major corporations like Lockheed Martin, American Airlines, Bell Helicopter Textron, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, Pier 1 Imports, and Radio Shack. The city is also home to many schools and universities. It has local law schools such as the Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, that provide a fine education for many of the lawyers in the area.


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Williams McClure & Parmelee
1300 South University Street, Suite 406
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

William "Gene" E. Sollows
1009 Florence Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102-4517

Whitaker, Chalk, Swindle & Sawyer, L.L.P.
301 Commerce Street, Suite 3500
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Trey Edward Loftin
111 North Houston Street, Suite 210
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Thompson & Knight LLP
801 Cherry Street, Unit 1 Burnett Plaza, Suite 1600
Fort Worth, Texas 76102-6881

Tanner and Troutt, P.C.
6000 Western Place, Suite 100
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Rodney M. Patterson Attorney at Law
4200 South Hulen, Suite 415, P.O. Box 100312
Fort Worth, Texas 76109

Michael L. Ware
111 North Houston, Suite 210
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Loe, Warren, Rosenfield, Kaitcer, Hibbs & Windsor, A Professional Corporation
4420 West Vickery Boulevard, P.O. Box 100609
Fort Worth, Texas 76185-0609

Law Offices of Ben Tompkins
P.O. Box 8078
Fort Worth, Texas 76124

Law Office of Robert C. Mack
P.O. Box 6432
Fort Worth, Texas 76115

Johnston & Associates
307 West Seventh Street, Suite 800
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Hughes & Luce, LLP
City Center Tower II, 301 Commerce, Suite 3000
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Harris, Finley & Bogle, A Professional Corporation
777 Main Street, Suite 3600
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Harold D. Hammett
900 Monroe Street, Suite 300
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Griffith, Jay, Michel & Moore LLP
2200 Forest Park Boulevard
Fort Worth, Texas 76110

Bruner, Jamieson & Pappas, L.L.P.
Fort Worth Club Building, 306 West Seventh Street, Suite 701
Fort Worth, Texas 76102-4905

Brown, Dean, Wiseman, Liser, Proctor & Hart, L.L.P.
306 West 7th Street, Suite 200
Fort Worth, Texas 76102-4905

Brown Pruitt Peterson & Wambsganss, P.C. A Professional Corporation
201 Main Street Suite 801
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Broude, Smith & Jennings, P.C.
309 West Seventh Street Suite 1100
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Brackett & Ellis, A Professional Corporation
100 Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Bailey, Galyen & Gold
4747 S. Hulen, Suite 110
Fort Worth, Texas 76132