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The city and county of Fresno is located in the central San Joaquin Valley of California and the county currently has a population over 870,000. To the west it is predominantly flat, with thousands of acres devoted to agriculture. To the east, the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains rise out of the low foothills. It is the only county in the country that can claim three national parks in its backyard - Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite. Besides the near national parks, Fresno also has a lot to offer within the city itself including museums such as the Art and Metropolitan Museums, the Blossom Trail, Japanese Gardens, and many other attractions. A great place to both live and visit, Fresno offers something for everyone. Major businesses and many schools are located in this city on the west coast, and share in the culture of California, which is one of the reasons many accomplished lawyers reside here. Fresno also offers excellent law schools, where many of these professionals studied, such as Fresno City College and Fresno Pacific University law schools.


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Stoel Rives LLP
1233 W. Shaw Avenue, Suite 103
Fresno, California 93711

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2540 West Shaw Lane, Suite 110
Fresno, California 93711

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2125 Merced Street
Fresno, California 93721

McLaughlin Sullivan
1396 West Herndon, Suite 106
Fresno, California 93711

McCormick, Barstow, Sheppard, Wayte & Carruth LLP
Five River Park Place East
Fresno, California 93720-1501

Law Offices of Joseph A. Uremovic
5703 North West Avenue, Suite 103
Fresno, California 93711

Lang, Richert & Patch, A Professional Corporation
Fig Garden Financial Center, 5200 North Palm Avenue, 4th Floor, P.O. Box 40012
Fresno, California 93755

Kimble, MacMichael & Upton, A Professional Corporation
Fig Garden Financial Center, 5260 North Palm Avenue, Suite 221, P.O. Box 9489
Fresno, California 93792-9489

F. John Gist Law Offices
1255 W. Shaw Avenue, Suite 106
Fresno, California 93711

Dowling, Aaron & Keeler, Incorporated
8080 North Palm Avenue, Third Floor
Fresno, California 93711-5730