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Located in Northeast Florida at the crossroads of two interstate highways, Jacksonville is thelargest city in the contiguousUnited States in land area, a major port, the insurance and financial center of the state, site of U.S. Navy bases, and the home of the National Football League's Jacksonville Jaguars. The city ranks as the 14th largest city in the United States in population. Culturally, Jacksonville has a number of museums, which are central to the city's history and people. They range from museums about science and history, to art, to even maritime and library museums. Industry and business play a lively part in the city as well in that professionals seek careers and residency in Jacksonville. Local universities help to feed into these professions, especially law. Some of the local law schools include the Florida Coastal School of Law Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Law School, and The University of Florida Law School Jacksonville.


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Jacksonville Bar Association
Jacksonville, FL
Duval, Baker, Clay, Nassau and St. Johns Counties

Zisser, Robison, Brown, Nowlis & Maciejewski, P.A.
One Independent Drive, Suite 3306
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

William J. Deas, P.A.
2215 River Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32203

Wicker, Smith, O'Hara, McCoy, Graham & Ford, P.A.
50 North Laura Street, Suite 2700
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

The Law Offices of Gregory Messore
411 E. Monroe Street, Suite 201
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Sullivan & Company
8777 San Jose Boulevard, Suite 803
Jacksonville, Florida 32217

Stiles, Taylor & Grace, P.A.
5700 St. Augustine Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Smith Hulsey & Busey
1800 Wachovia Tower, 225 Water Street, P.O. Box 53315
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Siddiqui Legal Enterprise
6353 Argyle Forest Boulevard, Suite 2
Jacksonville, Florida 32244

Rahaim, Watson, Dearing, Berry & Moore, P.A.
3127 Atlantic Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Michael L. Edwards
218 East Ashley Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

McCumber, Inclan, Daniels, Valde, zBuntz & Ferrera, P.A.
One Independent Drive Suite 1800
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

McConnaughhay, Duffy, Coonrod, Pope & Weaver, P.A.
6816 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 500
Jacksonville, Florida 32216

Mark A. Reinsch, P.A.
2700 Lake Shore Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32210

Luster & Davis, P.A.
255 Liberty Street, Suite A
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae LLP
50 North Laura Street, Suite 2800
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Holland & Knight LLP
50 North Laura Street, Suite 3900
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Holbrook, Akel, Cold, Stiefel & Ray, P.A.
One Independent Drive, Suite 2301
Jacksonville, Florida 32202-5059

Hardesty, Tyde, Green & Ashton, P.A.
Hardesty, Tyde & Green, 4004 Atlantic Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Glenn K. Allen A Professional Association
The Plaza Building, 353 East Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202-2822

Gary L. Wilkinson
Suite 1818, Riverplace Tower, 1301 Riverplace Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Francis Jerome Shea, P.A.
1916 Atlantic Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

Douglas A. Oberdorfer, P.A.
218 E. Ashley Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A.
1805 Copeland Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Carolyn E. Wagner
220 E. Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Arnold Law Firm, LC
2124 Park Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32204