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Memphis is located on the western border of Tennessee, near the edge of Arkansas. Many people know Memphis as the Home of the Blues, and Birthplace of Rock and Roll. However there are many historical aspects of the city. From the holy grails of music landmarks to the restaurants, from the basketball court to the acclaimed zoo, from the elegant hotels to the mystical nightclubs on legendary Beale Street, there's an irresistible soul that's drawn people here for more than a century. There are few cities around with as much to do as you'll find in Memphis. In addition to Memphis' legendary nightlife, there's irresistible food and captivating museums, along with a number of other attractions. But along with the city's culture, it also has booming industries and quality education. Well-known, local law schools, such as the University of Memphis School of Law, educate the majority of lawyers in the region.


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White, Schuerman, Rhodes & Burson, P.C.
Airport Business Park, Building I, 2813 Business Park Drive
Memphis, Tennessee 38118

The Hewgley Law Firm
6305 Humphrey's Boulevard, Suite 108
Memphis, Tennessee 38120

The Frager Law Firm, P.C.
Clark Tower, 22nd Floor, 5100 Poplar Avenue, Suite 2204
Memphis, Tennessee 38137

The Cohn Law Firm
291 Germantown Bend Cove
Memphis, Tennessee 38138

T. Frank Jackson, PLLC
232 South Highland Street, Suite 1202, P.O. Box 111221
Memphis, Tennessee 38111-1221

Sam Blaiss
100 North Main Street, Suite 1030
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Petkoff and Associates
305 Washington Avenue, Suite 201
Memphis, Tennessee 38103-1911

Parrish & Shaw
The Crescent Center, 6075 Poplar Avenue, Suite 420
Memphis, Tennessee 38119-4763

Mark S. McDaniel
243 Exchange Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38105

Law Offices of Charles R. Perkins
Suite 2626, 100 North Main Building
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Law Office of Stephen R. Leffler, P.C.
707 Adams Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38105

Law Office of Kimberly Avery
2600 Poplar Avenue, Suite 401
Memphis, Tennessee 38112

Law Firm of Van Eaton & Rosenberg
1193 Madison Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

JG Law Firm
780 Ridge Lake Boulevard, Suite 202
Memphis, Tennessee 38120

Jeffery L. Stimpson
(See Munford)

Glassman, Edwards, Wade and Wyatt, P.C.
26 North Second Street Building
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Gary K. Smith & Associates, PLLC
100 Peabody Place, Suite 1300
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Fargarson & Brooke
9th Floor Cotton Exchange Building, 65 Union Avenue, P.O. Drawer 3543
Memphis, Tennessee 38173-0543

Daniel Law Firm
8 South Third Street, Suite 204
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Butler, Snow, O'Mara, Stevens & Cannada, PLLC
Crescent Center, Suite 500, 6075 Poplar Avenue, P.O. Box 171443
Memphis, Tennessee 38187-1443

Brown Brasher & Smith
Suite 2515 Clark Tower, 5100 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38137

Breakstone & Associates
8 South Third Street, 4th Floor
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Bateman Gibson, L.L.C.
Suite 1010 Cotton Exchange Building, 65 Union Avenue, P.O. Box 3351
Memphis, Tennessee 38173-0351

Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowit, zPC
20th Floor, First Tennessee Building, 165 Madison Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Baer, Baer & Baer
Suite 2510, 100 North Main Building
Memphis, Tennessee 38103