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Oklahoma City is appealing for its visitors and residents in that it has over 50 attractions and over a million friendly people who live there. Known for some of its famous sites, tourism is a huge industry in this city. Some of the local sites to see include the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the Myriad Botanical Gardens, the old west of Stockyards City, and historic Bricktown. Oklahoma City sprawls across 625 square miles of America's heartland. Its metro population numbers over a million - a third of the entire state's population. Oklahoma City offers everything you look for in a modern metropolitan community - an abundance of the arts, quality health care, excellence in education and more. And it does so without high costs, energy shortages, and smog or traffic congestion. It is a distinctly livable city where you can chase your business dreams and still enjoy a rich quality of life, which is why many accomplished lawyers make it their home. Some of the local law schools that help feed into this business life includes Oklahoma City University School of Law and the University of Oklahoma College of Law.


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Tulsa County Bar Association LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE
Tulsa, OK
Tulsa County

Walker & Walker
950 Landmark Towers East, 3535 N.W. 58th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112

Thomas W. Hosty, P.C.
204 N. Robinson, Suite 1717, P.O. Box 20685
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73156-0685

The Gooding Law Firm A Professional Corporation
1200 City Place Building, 204 N. Robinson
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

The Cheek Law Firm
Law Center Building, 311 North Harvey
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Spradling, Kennedy & McPhail, L.L.P.
The Tower, 1601 NW Expressway, Suite 1750
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118

Shelton Law Group
7701 S. Western Avenue, Suite 201
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73139

Robert S. Abernathy
3555 N.W. 58th Street, Suite 510
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112

Resides & Resides, PLLC
114 NW Sixth Street, Suite 203
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Rainey, Ross, Rice & Binns, P.L.L.C.
735 First National Center West
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102-7405

Max C. Tuepker, P.C.
204 North Robinson, 25th Floor
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Lee Slater
2601 Northwest Expressway, Suite 210-West, P.O. Box 14785
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73113-0785

Law Office of Barry L. Hafar
One North Hudson Avenue, Suite 700
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102-5011

Lance Boyd Phillips
1 North Hudson, Suite 700
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Kerr, Irvine, Rhodes & Ables, A Professional Corporation
201 Robert S. Kerr Avenue, Suite 600
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102-4267

John B. Albert
204 North Robinson, Suite 3030
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Gable & Gotwals, A Professional Corporation
Fifteenth Floor, One Leadership Square, 211 North Robinson Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102-7101

Fuller, Tubb, Pomeroy & Stokes, A Professional Corporation
1000 Bank of Oklahoma Plaza, 201 Robert S. Kerr Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Elias, Books, Brown & Nelson, P.C.
Two Leadership Square, 211 North Robinson, Suite 1300
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102-7114

Edmonds, Cole, Hargrave, Givens, Ryan & Woodson, P.C.
One North Hudson, Suite 200
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Clifford A. Wright, P.C.
Suite 1300, Two Leadership Square, 211 North Robinson
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102-7114

Burch & George, A Professional Corporation
1500 City Place Building, 204 North Robinson
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Baer, Timberlake, Coulson & Cates, P.C.
Suite 300, 5901 North Western
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118-1237

Atkins & Markoff
9211 Lake Hefner Parkway Suite 104
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120

Adams & Associates, P.C.
City Place Building, 204 North Robinson Twenty-Fifth Floor
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102