Find Lawyers in Oklahoma

While one of the youngest states in the nation, Oklahoma's history precedes its statehood far back in time. Oklahoma's recorded history began in 1541 when Spanish explorer Coronado ventured through the area on his quest for the "Lost City of Gold." The land that would eventually be known as Oklahoma was part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, and while not quite the literal El Dorado Coronado was looking for, luckily for today's Oklahoma resident in need of legal assistance, the state is rich with accomplished attorneys. With accredited lawyers who have studied all over the country now residing in Oklahoma, the state also produces its own through Oklahoma City University School of Law, the University of Tulsa College of Law, and the University of Oklahoma College of Law, the later of which boasts such prestigious journals such as the American Indian Law Review, The Oklahoma Law Review, and the Oklahoma Journal of Law and Technology. If you wake up to find your legal stocking filled with coal, take Santa to court with some of the best lawyers in the nation, right here in Oklahoma.


Locate an Attorney or Lawyer in Oklahoma:

Tulsa County Bar Association LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE
Tulsa, OK
Tulsa County

Wade and Mackey, A Professional Corporation
431 "C" Avenue, P.O. Box 2515
Lawton, Oklahoma 73502

Travis K. Siegel
Chase Tower, 100 North Broadway Avenue, Suite 2730
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Thomas W. Hosty, P.C.
204 N. Robinson, Suite 1717, P.O. Box 20685
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73156-0685

The Crosthwait Law Firm A Professional Corporation
The Timbers Office Park, 1384 South Douglas Boulevard
Midwest City, Oklahoma 73130

Smiling, Bender & Rounds, P.A.
Bradford Place, 9175 South Yale Avenue, Suite 300
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137

Robert Highsaw
3801 N. Classen Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118

Postic & Bates, A Professional Corporation
2212 Shadowlake Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159-7440

Michael F. McCann
Two Main Plaza, 616 South Main Street, Suite 206
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119

McCormick, Schoenenberger & Gish, A Professional Association
1441 South Carson Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-3417

Martin Benjamin Bernert
3314 East 51st Street, Suite 218
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135-3527

Lyons, Clark & Mensching, Inc.
Two Main Plaza, 616 South Main, Suite 201
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119

Louis Mitchell Green
3555 N.W. 58th Street, Suite 510
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112

Law Office of Harry V. Rouse, P.C.
1408 South Denver
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119

Kimberly K. Hays
248 West 16th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-4212

James W. Todd, PLLC
1 N. Hudson, Suite 850
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

James D. Bryant
7633 E. 63rd Place, Suite 510
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133

J. Kelly Work
Hightower Building, 105 N. Hudson, Suite 304
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Geoffrey M. Standing Bear Attorney at Law
715 Kihekah
Pawhuska, Oklahoma 74056

Eldridge Cooper Steichen & Leach P.L.L.C.
110 West Seventh Street, Suite 200
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119

Eagleton, Eagleton & Harrison, Inc.
Suite 1700, 320 South Boston Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103-4706

Donna Jackson P.C.
2812 North West 57th Suite 101
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112

Dolman Law Offices
10 W. Main, 503 Colston Building, P.O. Box 1388
Ardmore, Oklahoma 73402-1388

David L. Nunn, P.C.
17 East First Street
Edmond, Oklahoma 73034

Burton & Associates, P.C.
1861 E. 15th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104

Britton, Ramsey and Gray, P.C.
700 Corporate Tower, 101 North Robinson Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102