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Philadelphia is the second largest city on the East Coast and ranks fifth in the nation, with a metropolitan population of 5.8 million. Philadelphia is located 100 miles south of New York, 133 miles north of Washington, D.C., and 55 miles from Atlantic City. There are many rich historical attractions that exist in Philadelphia such as the Liberty Bell, the old towns and buildings (i.e. where the Declaration of Independence was signed), and battle fields. Philadelphia is home to many great universities and law schools such as Carnegie Mellon Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School, and Temple University's Beasley School of Law. These are all excellent feeder programs into the law profession that exists in Philadelphia. Along with this there are many other attractions to this large city including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Zoo, and other natural attractions.


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Whiteman, Bankes & Chebot LLC
325 Chestnut Street, Suite 1300 Constitution Place
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

Thomas J. Feerick
1015 Chestnut Street, Suite 400
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107-4305

The Law Offices of Joseph B. Silverstein
1831 Chestnut Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

O'Donoghue & O'Donoghue LLP
Constitution Place, Suite 515, 325 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

Law Offices of Robert B. White, Jr., P.C.
1515 Market Street, Suite 1800
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

Law Offices of Derrick Howard
262 South 12th Street, Third Floor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107

Law Offices of Daniel J. Tann
1420 Walnut Street, Suite 1012
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

Law Firm of Michael D. Ward
1528 Walnut Street, Suite 1401
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

Kivitz & Kivit, zP.C.
7901 Ogontz Avenue, P.O. Box 27368
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118-0308

Kelley & Murphy
1628 Pine Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Joseph R. Viola, Esquire
1900 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Howard, Brenner & Nass, P.C.
1608 Walnut Street, Suite 1700
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Gorson & Gorson, P.C.
230 South Broad Street Suite 605
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

Freedman & Lorry, P.C.
400 Market Street, Suite 900
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

Farage, McBride & Ruggieri
836 Suburban Station Building, 1617 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Dorothy K. Phillips & Associates, LLC
One Penn Center at Suburban Station, 1617 JFK Boulevard, Suite 821
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103-1821

DeMarco & DeMarco, P.C.
1420 Walnut Street, Suite 1107
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

Cooper Leonard & Schaffer, LLC
1525 Locust Street 13th Floor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

C. George Milner, Esq. A Professional Corporation
The Atrium, Sixth Floor, 1900 Market Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Britt, Hankins & Moughan
Two Penn Center Plaza, Suite 515, 15th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

Billet & Connor, P.C.
2000 Market Street, Suite 2803
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103

Bernhardt & Rothermel, P.C.
1515 Market Street Suite 1540
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

Armbrust & Associates, P.C.
1601 Market Street, 16th Floor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103-2393

Andre Michniak & Associates, P.C.
1420 Walnut Street, Suite 801
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

Abrahams, Loewenstein & Bushman, P.C.
Three Parkway, 16th and Cherry Streets, Suite 1300
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102-1321