Michigan Personal Injury Lawyer

A Michigan personal injury lawyer is an attorney who specializes in attempting to achieve legal redress for clients that have received a “personal injury” and/or have been subject to a legal wrong. Under our common law system, a “personal injury” is defined as any injury to a plaintiff's body, mind or emotions. This is illustrated by the number of high profile personal injury cases that ask for damages based on emotional trauma, such as that received by finding an insect at the bottom of a bowl of soup. These types of civil wrongs are known in legal terms as “torts.” The defendant in a personal injury case may be a person, corporation or governmental organization. The action that the plaintiff is claiming injury from may be intentional or unintentional. By retaining the services of a personal injury lawyer, plaintiffs can determine whether or not they have a legally viable claim for damages suffered or that may be expected to afflict them in the future. The laws affecting torts and personal injury cases are constantly in flux and subject to change based on newly established legal precedents, so it's always a good idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer as they will have all of the up to date information that will affect your rights under the law.

Types of Incidents

Michigan personal injury lawyers handle cases resulting from various types of personal injuries, tort infringements and injuries relating to product liability. There are many types of personal injuries that fall under the category of tort law. Some of these include individual and commercial transportation accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice injuries such as surgical errors, and other similar forms of negligence and gross negligence. Product liability cases have received much publicity in recent years, mainly due to the huge amount of damages won in class action suits as well as in unusual cases such as burns received from overly hot coffee served at a fast food franchise. Popular films like “Erin Brockovitch” have also brought personal injury lawyers and lawsuits to the public consciousness. Although the Hollywood treatment necessarily simplifies many aspects of personal injury cases, rarely are such issues black and white, as demonstrated by a number of personal injury lawsuits which have been ongoing for decades (dealing with Asbestos and Tobacco, to name just two)

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Michigan

Michigan personal injury lawyers can be very eager to take on your case if they feel it has merit due to their expected share in any award or settlement that may be forthcoming. Oftentimes they will seek out potential claimants in an effort to broaden the base of the claimant pool in hopes of receiving the largest possible settlement. Most Michigan law firms have either a personal injury law department or a specialist in this type of law. You can find law firms in your local Yellow Pages, telephone directory or online via the Internet. Many personal injury lawyers in Michigan offer free initial consultations to establish your legal options.

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Locate a Michiga Personal Injury Lawyer:

Zeff and Zeff, P.C.
535 Griswold, Suite 1630
Detroit, Michigan 48226-3604

Willmarth, Ramar & Paradiso, P.C.
535 Griswold Street, Suite 2550
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Walton & Donnelly, P.C.
1550 Buhl Building, 535 Griswold Street
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Todd A. Fox & Associates, P.C.
(See Waterford)

The Jaques Admiralty Law Firm
1370 Penobscot Building, 645 Griswold Street
Detroit, Michigan 48226-4192

Tanoury, Corbet, Shaw, Nauts & Essad, P.L.L.C.
645 Griswold Street, Suite 2800
Detroit, Michigan 48226-4207

Steven T. Budaj, P.C.
2915 Cadillac Tower
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Sanford A. Schulman
407 E. Fort Street, Suite 110
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Rader & Eisenberg, P.C.
2121 Penobscot Bldg.
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Pytell & Varchetti, P.C.
20100 Mack Avenue, 2nd Floor
Detroit, Michigan 48236

Phifer & White, P.C.
1274 Library Street, Suite 500
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Paul R. Swanson & Associates, P.C.
333 W. Fort Street, Suite 1400
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Paul M. Hughes
65 Cadillac Square Suite 2915
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Mayer B. Gordon & Associates, P.C.
333 West Fort Street
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Juan A. Mateo
535 Griswold Street, Suite 1030
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Joel B. Sklar
1300 Ford Building, 615 Griswold
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Hutchinson & Paradoski, P.C.
1001 Woodward, Suite 1760
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Gursten, Koltonow, Gursten, Christensen & Raitt, P.C.
1500 Buhl Building
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Foster, Meadows & Ballard, P.C.
Shelby Congress Building, 607 Shelby, Seventh Floor
Detroit, Michigan 48226

David S. Steingold, P.C.
500 Griswold Street, Suite 1630
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Chui Karega
19771 James Couzen Highway
Detroit, Michigan 48231-2083

Charfoos & Christensen
5510 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48202

Bellanca, Beattie and DeLisle, P.C.
1300 Penobscot Building
Detroit, Michigan 48226

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