Missouri Auto Accident Lawyer

Although legal procedures, penalties and the laws themselves may be similar from state to state, there are significant differences that can be of crucial importance if you should find yourself subject to any state's laws. The State of Missouri has enacted specific laws that relate to auto accidents and the circumstances of their occurrence. If you should be unfortunate enough to be involved in an auto accident while in Missouri, it is recommended that you seek out the advice and assistance of a Missouri Auto Accident Lawyer.

Laws of the Land

Even before that becomes necessary, one should familiarize themselves with state motor vehicle laws relating to auto accidents if they are a new driver on the state's roads and highways. The most important thing to be aware of is that a written report must be filed with the Missouri Department of Revenue if either vehicle involved in the accident has sustained an estimated $500 of damage or more, and/or if anyone was injured in the accident. This procedure must also be followed if the accident occurred on a public street or highway, or if either driver does not have insurance. There are, of course, standard procedures that those involved in any auto accident should follow. These include stopping and staying at the scene until you exchange contact information with the other driver, informing a police officer, recording the contact information of any witnesses to the accident and arranging to see a doctor even if you don't believe you are injured.

Legal Assistance

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation's 2002 Highway report, there were 73,435 roadway auto accidents in the state. Missouri auto accident lawyers are therefore often in court defending their clients and ensuring that their rights are protected. Missouri auto accident lawyers assist their clients in a wide variety of personal injury cases involving collisions and accidents involving all types of motor vehicles as well as single-vehicle accidents. The role of a Missouri auto accident lawyer is to first explain the law of the state and how it applies to their client's particular situation. The client may also be entitled to compensation based on the negligence of the other driver. The “negligence” in auto accident law is considered to be a failure to use reasonable care in the operation of a motor vehicle. A person who negligently operates their vehicle and causes injury to another party may be legally required to pay for any personal or material damages suffered as a result of his or her negligence. Lastly, in cases where a client has lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident there may be a case for wrongful death. In most cases, the progress of such cases through the courts is too complicated for the average person to manage. Missouri auto accident lawyers have the experience and skill needed to ensure that you will receive justice from the courts of the State of Missouri. Often they will provide a free initial consultation so that you can receive valuable information pertaining to your particular situation.

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