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A tort is an injury to a person's bodily integrity, financial situation, or other interest caused by another person's negligence or carelessness, while a toxic tort is direct caused by contact to a toxic substance.

The growth of the corporate industry over the past century has been the primary reason that the number of dangerous toxic substances that are released into the environment have increased. Some of these toxic substances have been known to cause such injuries as brain damage, lung cancer, birth defects and other syndromes in adults and children.

Types of Toxic Torts

There are wide variety of substances that are considered toxic torts. Some of the substances are common, while many others may be a bit more unfamiliar. Lawyers that specialize in toxic tort cases are willing to take cases that involve any of the following substances:

  • lead-based paint

  • natural rubber latex gloves

  • electromagnetic fields

  • treated plywood

  • cyanide

  • formaldehyde,TDI and MDI, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and solvents
  • asbestos

  • diatomaceous earth

  • carbon monoxide

  • endocrine disrupters

  • pesticides

Toxic Tort Law

Toxic Tort Law encompasses practice in a wide range of areas. The damages that have been suffered by the client will determine which type of lawyer you'll need to hire to fight your toxic tort case. Here is a list of some of the most common areas of practice:

Personal injury as a result of an exposure to a hazardous chemical
  • Chemicals can enter the body by inhalation (chemical air release from source, vaporization from contaminated drinking water during showering, contaminated airborne particulate matter)

  • Chemicals can enter the body by absorption through the skin (physical contact with chemical)

  • Chemicals can enter the body by ingestion (drinking contaminated water
  • )

Property damage resulting from contamination by a hazardous chemical
  • Chemicals can impact property by contaminated groundwater

  • Chemicals can impact property by illegal disposal practices

  • Chemicals can impact property by contaminated surface water runon

Toxic Tort Lawsuits

Toxic tort lawsuits are very hard to both prove and win for the individuals that are filing them. Many of the large corporations that are usually targets of toxic tort lawsuits often have high-powered defense teams and plenty of money to fight the claims.

It is up to the individual who is filing the lawsuit to prove to the courts that the damage was caused by the toxic torts released by the company being sued. This can often be difficult because some of the side effects may not show up for years after exposure. Proving the exact cause of the disability can be very tricky. Having an experienced team of lawyers that specialize in toxic tort cases will help your chance of winning the lawsuit.

By Chris Saunders           

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